Kusa Paba – 2015

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Kusa-Paba (2012)
114 min|History|26 Jan 2012
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The love story between beastly looking prince Kusa and beautiful princess Paba.

කුස පබා (2012) සම්පූර්ණ චිත්‍රපටය

King Okkaka (Ravindra) is the emperor of India. He rules from Kusawathie city, with his queen Seelawathie (Veena) and two sons, Kusa (Jackson) and Jayampathi (Roshan). Kusa is strong and competent in all crafts, including warfare, but he has an ugly, oil-cake-shaped face. Since he realizes that no woman is likely to marry him, he is not interested in marriage. Nonetheless, his parents, especially mother, urge him to marry. Kusa makes a golden sculpture in a woman’s shape and tells his mother that he will marry if she can find a woman who looks like the sculpture. The queen orders two royal servants (Mahinda and Mahendra) to take the statue to all other countries and find a woman who looks like the statue. After a long, unsuccessful search, the two royal servants arrive at Madura city, the capital of the Madura kingdom, during the season of the spring festival. Madura is a state under the control of Okkaka’s empire. They place the statue near the river. Then the nanny of the royal family of Madura kingdom, Kudi (Kudi means hunchbacked woman) (Chandani), comes there and slaps the statue because she recognized the sculpture as the princess Pabawathie (Pooja), the daughter of King Madu (Palitha), the king of Madura Kingdom and his queen (Kusum). Because the woman who looks like the statue has been found, the marriage is arranged. Pabawathie is taken to Kusawathie city, and the wedding is conducted without a groom.
Seelawathie tells Pabawathie that there is a tradition in their caste that the wife shall not see the husband until she becomes pregnant. Kusa disguises himself as a workman and sees Pabawathie at a stable of horses and elephants. He jokes. Pabawathie urges Seelawathie to show Kusa. She makes both brothers climb onto an elephant and shows both of them. Pabawathie thinks that handsome Jayampathi is her husband Kusa. When she is bathing in a pond he hides under the waterlily leaves and catches her hand. Then she identifies him as Kusa and realizes that she was cheated. She leaves for her home, Madura. Brokenhearted, Kusa goes to Madura and works as a cook, a potter, and a florist for the royal palace. He prepares and sends delicious food, beautiful pottery, and garlands to Pabawathie. She throws them away after knowing that they were sent by Kusa.
News spread in other states that Kusa and Pabawathie are divorced. So seven state kings come to war against King Madu for Pabawathie. Okkaka requests Pabawathie return to Kusawathie. She refuses. Okkaka orders she is cut into seven pieces, and he plans to give those pieces to seven state kings. Just before her death, armed Kusa comes and saves her, stating that she is his wife and no one should harm her. A rain falls. His face’s ugliness is washed away. Kusa and Pabawathie happily return to Kusawathi. Okkaka gives the crown to Kusa, making him the emperor.

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