Sinbad Pirates Of The Seven Storms – 2016

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Sinbad: Pirates of the Seven Storms (2016)
74 min|Animation, Adventure|27 Oct 2016
4.2Rating: 4.2 / 10 from 39 users
Sinbad, the young pirate fun, not very lucky in pirate fishing - the year he and his team failed to capture a single ship.

මුහුදු හතේ සින්බෑඩ් (2016) සම්පූර්ණ චිත්‍රපටය

Young cheerful pirate Sinbad is not very lucky in the pirate fishery – for a year he and his team failed to capture a single ship. But fate smiles at Sinbad: old Antiochus shows him an old map and offers to sail to the island of Skeleton, where treasures are stored. Sinbad does not know that this Antiochus is a wizard who pursues his own selfish plans .

Yes, there is still Solara, Sindbad’s girlfriend in the children’s games, fell on his head! Is it love? No, Sinbad does not just give up like that! The way to the island of the Skeleton lies through the sea of ​​the Seven Storms. Sinbad and his team are waiting for the battle with the Cable Monster and meeting with their sworn enemy pirate Kesam. Yes, and the island will not do without adventure: Cyclops, Bird Rukh and her Chicken have long been waiting for guests.

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