How to get Sinhala subtitles for English movies

If you are a fan of English movies but you don’t understand the language well, you might want to watch them with Sinhala subtitles. Subtitles are text that appear on the screen along with the audio, translating what the characters are saying into another language. Subtitles can help you enjoy the movie better and learn new words and phrases.

But how can you get Sinhala subtitles for English movies? There are a few ways to do that. Here are some of them:

Download subtitles from websites

One of the easiest ways to get Sinhala subtitles for English movies is to download them from websites that offer them for free or for a fee. There are many websites that have a large collection of subtitles in different languages, including Sinhala. Some of them are:

* This is a popular website that provides Sinhala subtitles for various movies and TV shows. You can search by genre, year, rating, or keyword. You can also request subtitles for movies that are not available on the site.

* This is another website that offers Sinhala subtitles for many movies and TV shows. You can browse by category, latest releases, most viewed, or most commented. You can also join their forum and chat with other users.

To download subtitles from these websites, you need to follow these steps:

1) Find the movie or TV show that you want to watch on the website.
2) Click on the title or poster of the movie or TV show to go to its page.
3) Look for the download link or button for the subtitle file. It usually has a .srt or .zip extension.
4) Click on the download link or button and save the subtitle file on your computer.

Add subtitles to your media player

Once you have downloaded the subtitle file, you need to add it to your media player so that it syncs with the video. There are different media players that support subtitle files, such as VLC Media Player, KMPlayer, GOM Player, etc.

To add subtitles to your media player, you need to follow these steps:

1) Open your media player and load the video file that you want to watch.
2) Go to the menu bar and look for an option that says “Subtitles”, “Captions”, “Tracks”, etc.
3) Click on this option and select “Add Subtitle File” or something similar.
4) Browse your computer and locate the subtitle file that you downloaded earlier.
5) Select it and click “Open” or “OK”.
6) The subtitle should appear on your screen along with the video.

Watch English Films with Sinhala Subtitles without Downloading

If you are a fan of foreign films or TV shows, you may have encountered movies with hardcoded subtitles. These are subtitles that are permanently embedded in the video and cannot be turned on or off by the viewer. Hardcoded subtitles are different from softcoded subtitles, which are separate files that can be toggled on or off by the media player.

Hardcoded subtitles have some advantages and disadvantages over softcoded subtitles. On one hand, they ensure that the subtitles are always visible and synced with the video, regardless of the device or platform you use to watch them.

You can watch online english movies with sinhala hardcoded subtitles movies for free without downloading subtitles or film via


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