The Game: A Sinhala Action Thriller Movie Review – Watch Online

The Game is a 2022 Sinhala action thriller movie directed by Suranga de Alwis and starring Ranjan Ramanayake, Sriyantha Mendis and Janith Wickramage. The movie is loosely based on the April 21 Easter Sunday Bombings that occurred in Sri Lanka in 2019 and follows the quest of an honest policeman to nab a dreaded criminal.

The plot revolves around two friends, Vijay and Ajay, who work in the police station under OIC Samaradiwakara. One day, Vijay receives a phone call from Ganga, who claims to have some important information about a mysterious murder. Vijay pretends to be Ajay, who is not available at the moment, and goes to meet Ganga. There he learns that she has identified the main suspect wanted by the intelligence unit for planning an assassination by an extremist gang.

Meanwhile, a lady detective named Jenny is on the trail of Siam, the leader of the extremist group. She discovers that Siam has brought Tiger, a skilled assassin, and his daughter from Nuwara Eliya to Colombo to carry out his mission. Tiger is supposed to kill a powerful aristocrat who is Siam’s enemy.

Vijay falls in love with Ganga and Ajay falls in love with Vijay’s sister. However, their lives are turned upside down when Vijay is killed by Siam’s men. Ajay vows to avenge his friend’s death and stop Tiger from executing his plan. He teams up with Jenny and Samaradiwakara to track down Siam and Tiger before it’s too late.

The Game is an action-packed movie that keeps the audience on the edge of their seats with its twists and turns. The movie showcases some impressive stunts and fight scenes by Ranjan Ramanayake, who plays Vijay. The movie also explores some themes such as friendship, loyalty, patriotism and terrorism.

The movie has received positive reviews from critics and audiences alike for its gripping storyline, direction and performances. The movie was released on June 16th 2022 by A4Movie Production. The movie is available online on Youtube.


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